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Our Doctors can help with a huge array of health issues. This includes everything from routine check-ups to complex matter throughout your life.

  • Family health

  • Acute medicine

  • Dermatology disorders that affect the nails, skin and hair

  • Eye and ear health

  • Women’s health

  • Men’s health

  • Mental health

  • General health check-ups, including testing for diabetes, checking blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Minor surgery

  • Diabetic management

  • Childhood immunisations

  • Asthma assessment & management

  • Travel vaccinations and advice

  • Nutrition, diet and exercise education

  • Annual Health Checks for patients over 75

  • Preventative medicine such as pap smears and tests for various cancers

  • Testing and follow up treatment for various cancers

  • Sexual and reproductive health, including family planning

  • Chronic disease management such as diabetes and heart conditions

  • Ante-natal care (shared)

  • Cyrosurgery

  • Post-operative follow-up

  • Referrals to other specialist doctors if require

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