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Preventative Health

Disease prevention and health promotion are our priority to ensure a healthy quality of life.  Our doctors and nurses pride themselves in the prevention of disease which is essential to providing comprehensive primary healthcare regardless of your age, gender, disease or condition. 


Family History is especially relevant. A strong family history of cancer, heart disease or type 2 diabetes would increase the need for earlier assessment.


The doctors at Mount Waverley Medical Services can conduct a thorough history and examination. This may include breast checks and pap smears for women and rectal prostate examination for men. The skin is also checked in addition to internal organ systems. A fasting blood test is often included. Cholesterol and blood glucose regularly checked. In some cases, faeces is tested for hidden (occult) bleeding as a screen for bowel cancer. Sometimes X-rays & other tests, such as a stress heart test, are suggested.


Importantly, all assessments will be followed with a management plan tailored to your individual needs. This will include review appointments if necessary.

Meet The Team

A wide variety of Australian Government and health organisation strategies are currently in place to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians at all stages of life, through a systems-based approach to prevention that addresses the wider determinants of health, reduces health inequities and decreases the overall burden of disease. Below are some helpful links to Preventative Health measures in our community, click on the button that interests you. 

Preventative health strategies and initiatives

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