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Covid-19 Vaccine

Mount Waverley Medical Services is pleased to announce that we have been selected by the Australian Government to supply the Covid-19 Vaccine. The vaccine will be rolled out in Phases, with groups of people getting the vaccination at different times. If you are unsure whether you are eligible please use the COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker, or ask your doctor.

Please send an email to the clinic at to book an appointment for your Covid-19 vaccine. You will need to have completed a consent form prior to your appointment. There are two types of consent forms (an adult form and a childrens form) below. Please select the relevant consent form, download and print a copy of your consent form and bring a signed hard copy with you to your appointment. 

New patients wishing to receive a Covid-19 vaccine are welcome, however an appointment is required. If you are a new patient please bring along a copy of your Patient Health Summary from your current Doctor. New patients are encouraged to complete a New Patient Form and a vaccine consent form. Download and print a copy of both forms and bring a signed hard copy with you to your appointment. 

Do not attend if you have a fever, or are unwell with an acute illness.  Please inform us to cancel your booking as soon as you become aware. For patients attending the clinic for their vaccination, please arrive on time. Allocated time is for COVID-19 vaccination only.


After the vaccination you will be kept at the clinic for observation for 15 minutes (30 minute if you have a history of severe allergy/ anaphylaxis). Please seek medical advice if you develop more severe or persistent side effects.



For more information on what to expect after your vaccination, may be found here. If you are experiencing any medical emergency or are very unwell, please call 000


Vaccine Eligibility Checker

Adult Covid-19 Vaccine Consent Form

Children's Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine Consent Form - Children aged 5-11 years

After the Covid-19 Vaccination - Information

New Patient Form

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